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Run the Aesthetic Gauntlet!

After five years of First Fridays, rock music sneaks onto the scene.

Until you round the corner to Gallery5 (the new kid on the art scene), the handler of which, Amanda Robinson, has extended the boundaries of First Fridays to include art that singes the ears as well as the eyes. "All Mixed Up," the September all-media show, drops 40 local visual artists (like Kim Frost with "Beauty Rest," above) into a churning mix of, well, media. The Patchwork Collective performs avant jazz, Slash Coleman delivers one-man showmanship, and after 10 p.m., Red Canasta, Hortus and adventure nerd-core heroes VCR vibrate the paintings hanging on the walls. Should send the aliens packing. $3 after 10 p.m. 644-0005. — Brandon Reynolds

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