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Romancing the Home

My Romance Appeals to the Senses

If you are partial to the clean lines of contemporary — or are merely clutter-phobic — My Romance will have little to offer you. But if you have an eye for all that sparkles and marvel at elegant scrollwork and historically inspired embellishments, then you'll find much to love.

Consider, for example, one of the shimmering bottles in the shop window. Its surface is a radiant mosaic of irregular bits of green glass. Stoppered with a silvery dragonfly, the vessel inhabits that nebulous space between luxurious and overdone. Like a ring with an overlarge diamond, the bottle is attention-grabbing and beautiful — and likely to outshine its environs.

But showiness is the point here —. as is sensual abandon — with an emphasis on the senses. The sumptuously scented candles are powerful enough to fill a room with aroma. Sparkling glass, from a bowl of colored glass chunks to hanging window ornaments, entices the eye. Textures — "aged" metal finishes, architectural detailing and silky pillows — beg to be touched. A small collection of soothing CDs promises ambient music and relaxation. It's enough to overwhelm the senses, but isn't that what romance is all about?

In keeping with its name, many of the shop's offerings are designed to enhance and encourage liaisons. There are heart-shaped beaded coasters in a passionate shade of red, sensuous body creams (French vanilla and Oriental spice) for the bedside, neoclassical columns to hold tapers for a candlelit dinner, and even velvet and feather "frocks" to dress up a bottle of champagne.

In all their sparkling, tactile, intricately detailed extravagance, the furnishings at My Romance may be too much for the average home to handle. But at this time of year, when we combat cold dreary days by celebrating the splendors of love, there's something to be said for excess. As Mae West put it, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." HS


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