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Roly Poly opens location in Carytown; special weekend events at the 17th Street Farmer's Market; Royal India opens in the West End.


Walking around Carytown can sure zap your energy, especially under a hot noon sun. But there's a new option to help you beat the heat and the high-intensity shopping: Step into Roly Poly and get yourself a wrapped sandwich and a smoothie.

The new diner opened its second location (there's one downtown, too) early this month. It offers pretty much everything you'd find in a normal sandwich shop, except, instead of the meat, cheese and veggies in a stack between bread, it's all rolled up in soft tortillas. How crazy is that! Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, and lunch only Monday and Sunday. Catering available. 3321 W. Cary St. 355-5377.

There's a lot going on around the stacks of red tomatoes and yellow squash down at the 17th Street Farmer's Market. Well, maybe not so much at the Thursday Growers' Market. Mostly just plenty of locally grown squash and tomatoes there. It's the special weekend events that are really blowing up down in the bottom. The Saturday Market adds perennials and pottery to the produce, and look for antiques, collectibles and fine crafts at the Sunday Shockoe Open Heirloom Market. 646-0477.

If you love spicy Indian food like we do, you'll be glad to hear that there's a new Indian place in town. Royal India opened in late April in the West End, and serves both North and South Indian food. What's the difference? The North Indian is the mughlai food, which includes meats, curries, breads and rice, and the South Indian means lighter eating, strictly vegetarian, with specialties like the dosai, or rice pancake, explains owner Avtar Rathore. His restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily. Lunch buffet daily. Closed Tuesdays. 2743 Hungary Spring Road.

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