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Rock-Show Fliers Turning Into Book

If a book about Richmond rock-show fliers sounds far-fetched, don’t be surprised. Salzberg is part of a promotional group called Local Market. Far-fetched is what they do. He and his colleagues organize the annual Cannon Ball Run, the crossing-state-lines-but-hopefully-not-breaking-laws race approaching its fifth year. They erected that Hollywood-esque “Richmond” sign in November. They promote a quarterly digital film festival called Etronics, and they’re working on making music videos for local bands.

Local Market is the kind of promotions group without an official office, but with official T-shirts hanging in local clothing stores. And a book like this is right up its alley, says partner John Yamashita, 32, who owns the Fan restaurants Sticky Rice and Holy Chow. “There are some holes in it,” he says, “but the heart is in it to get it done ASAP.”

Salzberg and Yamashita hope to have a rough edit finished by early August and to publish in time for returning college students. The two have talked about including a DVD of footage and interviews and are looking for bands featured in the book to do a reunion concert. “We want to show the new kids how the old kids used to rock,” Yamashita says.

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