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Rock Bar Becomes Runway

TThe collection is full of gold lamé and ruffles and asymmetrical hemlines, but the flash is marshaled with restraint. Miller says she used "cheap fabric, but I tried really hard to make it look more elegant." She's made cheap ideas more elegant as well.

Items like a gathered blouse with ruffled cap sleeves, like you might see off the rack, will appear instead made out of a sheer jersey material accented with a translucent fabric in Indian print. Miller relies on synching and stitching to keep the model modest.

"There are some conservative pieces here, but not very many, cause I'm not a very conservative person," Miller says.

According to the Nanci Raygun's manager, Sara Borey, models will use the wide bar as their runway, a proposition that makes her only slightly nervous. The Nanci Raygun agreed to do Miller's show because it is being paired with a DJ and musician Dan Sartain, so the evening will be an event, but run like a normal show. "Hopefully in the future other people will approach us wanting to do a show," Borey says.

Miller's handbags are now being sold at Need Supply in Carytown. — Amy Biegelsen

Kaia Miller's fashion show will be Sunday, Sept. 26, at the Nanci Raygun. Doors open at 5 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $5. All ages welcome; must be 21 to drink.

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