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Rock 'n' Roll Jubilee at Ashland Coffee and Tea

May 29



If rock 'n' roll were a living, breathing person, it would be making plans today for corrective hip surgery and complaining about the kids upstairs listening too loud to the hippety-hop. There are less and less people who really remember what it was like 55-plus years ago during the original run of Elvis, Buddy, Chuck Berry, the Everly Brothers and the rest of rock's original Senior Class. So consider the Rock 'n' Roll Jubilee to be some sort of cosmic reminder, a nostalgic (but hardly scrubbed down) flashback to those rambunctious radio programs with such forceful personalities such as Alan Freed, Dewey Phillips and Cousin Brucie; when commercials for MoonPies and Dr. Pepper mixed and matched with electric guitar raveups, scores of screaming bobby-soxers and a feeling of cultural change. Programmed and performed by a star cast of regional performers (including George Garrett, Jim Wark, B.J. Kocen, Craig Evans, Brad Tucker and Brian Sulser), the Jubilee includes stellar impersonations of the original rockers as well as giddy recreations of period commercials and interviews — all of it performed live from the fictional WJKS radio station. It's a history lesson that, well, rocks. The fifth Rock 'n' Roll Jubilee comes to Ashland Coffee and Tea on Saturday, May 29, at 8 p.m. $12-$17.

Correction from the print edition: This event is called "The Rock 'n' Roll Jubilee," not "The Rock 'n' Roll Revue."

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