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Richmond Riders Weigh In

GRTC's got big plans for the future, but how's it doing right now? Ten bus users share their thoughts.



Pat Wriley

Route loyalty: Midlothian, once every few weeks.

Occupation: VCU Health System.

Bus use: Usually commutes into downtown with her husband, but when they have different schedules, she rides the bus.

Pays with: Cash.

Transit wish: That VCU, and other local businesses, would subsidize rides for workers "so that we're not using so many cars."

Goldie Miller

Route loyalty: No. 4 Highland Park to the 24.

Occupation: Kitchen staff at Bill's Barbecue.

Bus use: Commutes to work, visits friends.

Transit wish: Mall service and more frequent pickups.

Raymond Finch

Route loyalty: A 45-minute ride on the No. 74 with one transfer, every day that he's able.

Occupation: Retired.

Bus use: Visiting a friend in a nursing home.

Pays with: Cash, senior-citizen discount rate.

Transit wish: "They don't have as many running during the weekend as they do during the week, but I'm not grumbling because it's the only way I have to go."

Sherry ChamblissRoute loyalty: 95 Express Petersburg with a transfer to the No. 6 Broad Street, every weekday.

Occupation: Accounts receivable for NexTran.

Bus use: Commutes to work, 45 minutes with one transfer.

Pays with: Cash.

Transit wish: "If the [wheelchair] lifts don't mess up, then I don't have any complaints." (The wheelchair lift wasn't working that day.)

Erik Johnson

Route loyalty: No. 29 Gaskins, GRTC loyalist for the last 10 years.

Occupation: Virginia Department of Transportation, transportation planner.

Bus use: Commutes to work downtown.

Pays with: VDOT pays for a pass.

Transit wish: "Just a couple more runs on Gaskins. The morning's fine, but the afternoon's worse. It just depends on traffic. If I have to be somewhere at a certain time, I have to drive."


Megan Molique

Route loyalty: No. 69 Huguenot Express, when she can catch it.

Occupation: Data management specialist at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Bus use: Commutes to work.

Transit wish: The 69 makes three morning pickups in Chesterfield before 8 a.m. and doesn't pick up again until late afternoon. She'd like more mid-day runs in case she needs to pick up her 1-year-old son, Jude, during the day.

Jarrod Blackwood

Route loyalty: No. 19 to Hungary Springs.

Occupation: University of Richmond law student, summer associate at McSweeney and Crump.

Bus use: From school downtown, takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

Pays with: Cash.

Transit wish: "More buses and more routes. It runs on time and it's great, but the buses are few and far between. I'm from Jamaica, way out of town. The buses are absolutely horrible there compared to here."

Doris Lyons-Grayham

Route loyalty: No. 34 Highland Park, every weekday.

Occupation: Office cleaning with Unicco.

Bus use: Commutes to work, rides to Willow Lawn, "all of them!"

Pays with: Go Card.

Transit wish: "They should make special days free. Holidays, like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July."

Tim Wilds

Route loyalty: No. 29 Gaskins every day.

Occupation: VCU Medical Center.

Bus use: Commutes to work.

Pays with: Swipe card that automatically deducts from his paycheck.

Transit wish: "Overall it's not so bad, as long as they're on time. When I have to drive down here, I hate it!"

Wayne Pryor

Route loyalty: No. 3PP Fairfield Court.

Occupation: Unemployed, on disability.

Bus use: Pryor has kidney problems and uses the bus to get to the pharmacy, doctor and hospital.

Pays with: Reduced fare card.

Transit wish: "That the buses would be on time."

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