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Richmond Rhythm - possible headlines

We've Got Rhythm

The Richmond Rhythm has kicked off its debut season as the new hometown team on the block. The team's unusual name is likely to provide a veritable field day for local sports writers. As a public service to the community, we've decided to head off the inevitable bad puns by writing all the headlines in one shot:

Rhythm's Blues
Rocky 0-6 start doesn't bode well for new Richmond basketball team.

Rhythm and Boos
Team's losing ways frustrating for players, coaches, but mostly for fans.

Practicing the Rhythm Method
Richmond gets back down to basics and puts together a big win.

They've Got Rhythm
Richmond win-streak continues. Who could ask for anything more?

Fascinatin' Rhythm
The once-bumbling Richmond Rhythm have found their groove as they hit post-season play.

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