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Update: Governor Announces New Bike Event

Richmond Region Bike Report shows progress.



Want to raise awareness about the need for better bicycling infrastructure? Then get ready to pedal 156 miles over July 23 and 24, from Richmond to Arlington.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced the summer trek on the State Capitol steps this morning. The event is being organized by Sports Backers and the state tourism organization.

On July 23, bicyclists will start at Sports Backers Stadium near The Diamond and head north, mostly along U.S. Route 1. Refreshment centers will be available along the way. The destination is Old Hill Park near downtown Fredericksburg, where camping will be included in the fee. Plans are to organize blocks of local hotel rooms as well.

On July 24, cyclists will trek northward again, finishing at Key Bridge in Arlington.

Tickets go for $150 if bought before June 30. They are $165 from July 1 to 20 and $180 on July 22 or 23. You can find more information here. Participants can arrange a vehicle trip either from Washington to Richmond for the start of the event for $55 for a bike and person or for $30 just for a bike. The same rates apply if a participant wants a ride back to Richmond on July 24.


March 22 -- The Richmond region is making steady progress in expanding its bicycle lanes, according to a new survey by Bike Walk RVA, a program operated by Sports Backers.

The report comes out as Gov. Terry McAuliffe is preparing to hold a press conference Wednesday morning on the State Capitol steps to announce a July 23-24 event to promote more bicycling infrastructure, according to Pete Woody, a spokesman for Sports Backers.

From 2013 to today, the report says, the number of bikeways in the region has grown from 37 miles to 79 miles.

“As a result of this forward progress, our region now has the tools needed to become a place where people who are “interested but concerned” in bicycling can ride our streets with the already “strong and fearless” cyclists.

Here are some other highlights:

1. A 53-mile-long, paved multi-use path connects downtown Richmond with Jamestown. (Here's more on the Virginia Capital Trail.)

2. Construction of the Floyd Avenue bike-walk street project in the Fan District began construction in November.

3. Building is underway on the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge across the James River for the exclusive use of walkers and bicyclists.

4. Seven bikeways have been added in Richmond.

5. Chesterfield County is adopting an ambitious project for 362 miles of on-street bikeways to be built over the next 50 years.

Among the not-so-good news is that there’s been little growth of bikeways in Ashland and Hanover County, according to the report, which you can read in full here.

The report also says that the progress in the past three years will help sustain the attention on bicycling benefits spotlighted by the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, which drew global attention to Richmond in September.

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