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Richmond native Brandy Wood returns to her roots to celebrate the launch of a new album.

From Daisy Days to the Big Apple


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New York rock musician Brandy Wood hopes to take a bite out of Richmond.

The 24 year-old Richmond native returns Oct. 1 to promote the release of her new CD "Alone" at Chez Foushee. A six-year gigger, playing clubs such as Brownies in New York, Wood already sounds like the cool transplant, with no plans to return home. Still she's quick, if not eager, to recall her Richmond start.

"Yeah, I'm a lifer," she says of her kindergarten-through-12th-grade years spent at St. Catherine's School on Grove Avenue.

Wood knew when she was 10 years old that she wanted to perform for an audience. But when she auditioned for the school's choir, she was crushed. "I was told to find another hobby," she says sarcastically. Even though the experience didn't launch her vocal career, she does credit one of St. Catherine's teachers with helping her discover her passion. "My dance teacher knew a guitar teacher," she recalls. "I took my first bass lessons at Don Warner on Libbie."

Today, she describes her music as "blues-flavored pop, the kind of rock 'n' roll combination of country, R&B and Sheryl Crow."

"I grew up listening to everything from Hank Williams Sr. to the Rolling Stones," she says. And she's ready to prove to an audience that her nine summers spent as a student, intern, and finally, teacher at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, Conn., have paid off.

"I had always been a side person, playing bass and writing songs as much as any group would allow," she confesses. But last year Wood decided it was time to go for broke, on her own. "I figured it would take everything I had," she says. "But being Southern you always have a little something you hide away because you're going to buy a house. Now I have a

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