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Richmond is commuter paradise ... Right is the wrong side ... Traffic enforcement, not traffic calming


Richmond is commuter paradise

I own a car (Cover story, Oct. 12).

I am a computer tech.

And I ride a bike to work.

No car payments. (Paid cash for the car.)

Liability insurance that is half what it used to be (not commuting).

Better health.

Positive comments about certain parts of the anatomy.

No road rage.

No parking tickets.

No speeding tickets.

Almost no car repairs.

I just heard that the news is in, obesity kills.

Since I moved back from commuter-hell South Florida where a bicycle was not really the option it is here I have lost seven pounds and I eat the same.

I'm in paradise.

- Christopher Maxwell

Right is the wrong side

When ex-Virginia Attorney General Richard Cullen, says of Attorney General Mark Earley's stand on abortion: "He's still alive. That's obviously a win," he has it exactly backwards (Cover story, Oct. 19).

For it's the pro-choice people on the other side of the womb who get killed — remember little things like bombings, murders, etc.?

Still I must give credit where it's due. Republicans like Earley serve as an invaluable point of reference for the rest of us. For when we look across the wide chasm of an issue such as abortion to see their frowning faces confronting us, then and only then, do we know for sure that we're on the right side.

- John P. Jordan

Traffic enforcement, not traffic calming

Thank you for Brandon Walters' piece about the all-way stops on Church Hill and the enhanced enforcement in the Fan (Street Talk, Oct. 26).

If our experience in Bellevue is any clue, the traffic engineering people will cook the Church Hill data to deny that the all-ways do any good.

We also know from Bellevue experience that enforcement works while the cops are there and ceases to work as soon as the cops leave.

We also know that the traffic engineering folks think very little about all-ways. They won't install them except after nose-to-nose contact with a councilperson. They say that traffic calming devices work better. You might notice, however, that their traffic calming program is even less aggressive than their all-way sign program.

- John Butcher

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