Richmond International Film Festival

When: Thu., March 2, 4 p.m. 2017

"Written Off," "The Healer" and "AA." "Written Off" Directed by Charles Beale - Chronicles the life of Matthew Edwards, who grew up in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Matt was just 15 when a prescription for opiates following a botched toe surgery altered the course of his life. That first high led to an endless quest for more. Over the next decade he conned, stole and worked double shifts at minimum wage to pay his rent and feed his addiction. Desperate for the next fix – more often to avoid withdrawal than to get a recreational high – Matt spun a creative web of deceit. Smart and persuasive, his lies fed his addiction as much as the actual drugs. Those who loved him never quite knew what to believe. But Matt told the real story in two spiral-bound journals, documenting every hit and his desperate struggle to quit. "The Healer" Directed by Jaime Mateus-Tique - Many years after leaving his native Ivory Coast, Jacob has found success and oblivion in New York city, but his encounter with a young and troubled boy will help him reconnect with his family and his true self. "AA" Directed by Molly Hermann - Grippingly honest personal journals reveal the secrets one man worked so hard to conceal as an innocent prescription for painkillers leads to a 10-year struggle to escape opiates and the stigma that surrounds his addiction.

Price: $8-$10.