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Richmond Athlete Attempts Grueling Burpee Record

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Exercise enthusiast Josiah Beasley has been training for more than two months to beat the Guinness World Record for the most burpees performed in an hour.

To those uninitiated in the punishing series of moves, a burpee requires you to go from a standing position into a squat, then to a push-up position, perform the push-up, bring your feet back under you, and then leap straight up. The plyometric exercise works every part of the body.

Now multiply that by more than 1,840 repetitions — the number of burpees that Beasley must perform to succeed, as first reported by NBC-12. The record was last set in 1994 by Paddy Doyle at the Bull’s Head in Birmingham, England.

Beasley, 28, says he wants to top the record, to at least 1,860.

But why?

“I just try to see how far you can go to push yourself physically,” says Beasley, who’s been a personal trainer with a stint in a boxing gym, works as a bouncer at a Richmond club and has his sights set on law enforcement. He says he also hopes to inspire others.

Back in 2013, he was in the gym when he decided to see whether he could do burpees for an hour. “My friend was like, ‘I wonder if there’s a world record for this,’” he says. So they looked it up. He started working toward the goal, but his training was derailed by a wrist injury he received while playing arena football in 2014.

Recently, his girlfriend encouraged him to pick the goal back up.

In his first week of training, Beasley says, the pain was so bad that he could barely bend over to wash his hands: “It felt like I had ripped something from the socket in my back.”

Now it’s time for the training to pay off.

Beasley will make his record-breaking attempt Saturday, May 28, at the Gold’s Gym at 8904 W. Broad St. For those who want to cheer him on, there will be seating and food available, with the attempt scheduled for 2:30 p.m. A live feed will run at

To make sure that each burpee is counted, Beasley will submit a video of the challenge to Guinness. A clock must be visible in the frame.

Beasley says that the next challenge he wants to attempt is topping the record for the most burpees in 24 hours. He’ll have to beat 10,110 repetitions — a record set by Lee Ryan of the United Kingdom in the United Arab Emirates on Jan. 10, 2015.

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