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Richard Busch Rock Photos Exhibit at Steady Sounds

Friday, Dec. 6


I can only wonder what it was like to hang out with Roger Daltrey or Jimi Hendrix when they were making their legends. While there’s no time machine to travel back to when they were mere mortals, there is former Life magazine photographer Richard Busch’s exhibition at Steady Sounds. What were they like before their respective corporate deifications? Just like you and me. Busch captures his subjects in Everyman moments. Be it Daltrey taking a drag off a cigarette, a sweaty and dazed Joe Cocker or a pensive Eric Clapton staring off into space, each photograph humanizes and demystifies the now-classic rock stables while leaving room for interpretation. You don’t see icons, you see people. The Richard Busch exhibition of 1960s rock photographs opens Friday, Dec. 6, at Steady Sounds.

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