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Reviewer Is Wrong About Greek Islands


When I read the review on the Greek Islands Restaurant (“Take It From There,” Food & Drink, Oct. 27), I was compelled to write you regarding this review by Robey Martin. Obviously, she had not done her homework. Comments like “I wish it were prettier,” “I wish the wine list were better thought-out and the bar not so lonely looking,” “I like ambiance: lower lights, comfortable seats, sexy wine glasses” in the opening paragraph only confirms that she did not know or have a clue to what a good family restaurant looks like.

The Kefalas' restaurants have always been light, clean and geared to serving people of all ages with home-prepared food at great prices. The bar business is not the focal point of the restaurant but offers a space for certain groups, as does the private dining room. The bar provides liquor and some yummy Greek wines for diners who wish to order them, but again, drinking is not an emphasis of this type of restaurant nor should it be. Did she mention that the kitchen was one of the cleanest in town, a point that the Kefalas family has always been able to proudly boast? No! I question if she even went into the kitchen! Also, what does being in a strip mall next to a Blockbuster have to do with this review or a hill of beans? What about the beautiful flowers and herbs next to the patio?

My family has been dining at the Kefalas' family restaurants for the last 30 years and as a trained professional chef I can tell you that none of their dishes are “a letdown,” “afterthoughts,” “bland,” “a cheap aspect,” or “nondescript.” The spinach for the spanakopita is fresh and not “frozen,” as if her palate could really distinguish the difference! Also, the fingerling potatoes that accompany the souvlakia are lemony not “tasteless.” I order the souvlakia on pita and souvlakia with rice all of the time and have never had “meat that was dry” or “gummy rice.” The parsley is a traditional garnish as well as a brunoise of tomato and sliced green onions. Did she mention that the dolmas, tiropita, spanakopita, all of the desserts, and the bread were homemade? No. I found her review to extremely irresponsible and damaging.

Karen Sherwood

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