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Review Won't Deter Fans of Beasley's Second Book

The role of a critic is probably to criticize more often than not. You shared your opinion of Nancy Beasley's latest publication ("Reflections of a Purple Zebra: Essays of a Different Stripe," Recently Read, Jan. 24). Please remember this is your opinion and not necessarily that of her fans and readers.

Her articles speak for those who sometimes don't have voices or those who fear expressing an opinion or fearful experience. Her articles serve to lend a philosophy of hope to many. Nancy shares viewpoints and experiences in such a way as to elevate the human experience even in the darkest of moments.

People are quite capable of reading articles/books or viewing movies or TV shows without being told what to embrace. Connection to various forms of media is a personal experience tapping at the soul and heart of the individual. Surely you have not directed anyone from reading Nancy's articles or book who might gain some insight.

Martha Anderegg

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