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Reunited at The Roosevelt

Secco chef Mike Braune moves behind the stove of the Church Hill restaurant The Roosevelt.



Chefs are known to travel. Not necessarily out of town, but from one local restaurant to another. Chef Mike Braune, who's been the force behind the small plates at Secco Wine Bar, is moving from Carytown to Church Hill to start Sunday at The Roosevelt.

It will be a reunion of sorts. Roosevelt co-owner and chef Lee Gregory and his two sous chefs, Mark and Scott Lewis, worked with Braune at Six Burner back in the day. "We wanted someone who's strong, but wouldn't step on anybody's toes," Gregory says. "Mark and Scott have been here, running things, the whole time."

Braune won't be head chef -- there will be a team of sous chefs in the kitchen, with Gregory still in charge. But the addition of Braune makes for another valuable set of hands in the kitchen as Gregory prepares to open his new South Side restaurant, Southbound, with Heritage chef Joe Sparatta.

Gregory also wants a new perspective on how they do food at The Roosevelt. "The way we do things here is so different from how he's done things at Secco," Gregory says. "We're looking for inspiration from him. I'll be honest with you. We're brain dead. Scott and Mark and I have been just pummeled for the last three years. Mike will be a breath of fresh air, and it'll be interesting to see how we change and how he changes."

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