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Rental Unit: "AprŠs Vous..."

You can find a similar story in the Jean Renoir classic "Boudu Saved From Drowning." Go there if you are looking for something great. "AprŠs Vous..." is less substantial and works the tricks of this well-worn genre to near abstraction. It will also be an easier weeknight movie session for the attention deficient. In fact, if you like skipping through your DVDs to the good parts, there are a few don't-miss moments, including a hilarious visit with Louis' cataract-stricken grandmother and Louis' numerous pratfalls as a new waiter at Antoine's restaurant.

Not every comic instance sparkles like these, and Garcia overdoes it occasionally playing a hyperventilating claustrophobe. Auteuil, however, is like a French Spencer Tracy, a marvelous Everyman whose every expression and mannerism rings the right note. — Wayne Melton

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