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Remember Allen's record; Green Party committed to people, not corporations; Cantor's record deserves scrutiny; Response to "From the Top"


Remember Allen's record
I found your article on Robb and Allen interesting cover story, Sept. 19 but would like to add an additional perspective that wasn't mentioned.

I hope that the 41,000 (plus) current state employees as well as all those ex-state employees that King George "retired" during his regime will remember when it comes time to vote exactly what he did to them, their jobs and their agencies during his "reign of terror".

Chuck Robb has done a fine job in Congress, and it makes no sense to bring in a new senator at this point with the background and lack of experience of George Allen. Remember what he did while governor and just imagine what he might be capable of doing on a national level.

It scares me!

Frederick R. Brandt

Green Party committed to people, not corporations
As one of the people interviewed for the article "It's Not Easy Being Green" news & features, Sept. 26. I would like to add that it's not just in Virginia that ballot access is restrictive for third-party candidates. In the country as a whole, the two major parties enjoy a monopoly over the ballot, the media and the presidential debates.

The Green Party is at a special disadvantage in acquiring ballot status because in most states petitioners are all volunteers and must work in their spare time, after work or on their days off to get their candidate on the ballot. The Green Party of Virginia does not pay petitioners because there is no PAC money or soft money to finance activities.

The requirements are indeed excessive, as many signatures may be disqualified, even if a person is a registered voter, if they are registered at an address other than where they thought they were registered or if the registrar can't read the name. We had to collect more than twice the required number of signatures in each district just to make sure we'd have enough.

This time could better have been spent educating voters about the issues and the ways in which the Green Party differs from the major parties.

The Green Party is committed to serving the interests of real people as opposed to corporations who finance the major parties campaigns. The party also is committed to providing universal health care to all Americans, a living wage for all and reform of restrictive labor laws so that workers can form unions without fear. The party also is committed to a truly just criminal justice system that doesn't unfairly target minorities or condemn our youth to long prison terms for nonviolent crimes.

There's a lot to say about our party that's unique. Unfortunately, Style didn't print the greater part of what was said about those issues during our interview.

Dana Woods
Green Party ballot drive coordinator

Cantor's record deserves scrutiny
"Mr. Stewart Goes to Winterpock," news & features, Sept. 26 assumes that those of us who live in Virginia's 7th Congressional District have no choice but to expect the worst and that we must accept the inevitable: Eric Cantor for our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If the media would focus on Mr. Cantor's record and his close association with Rep. Tom Bliley and Pat Robertson, perhaps we could enjoy a brighter future with Democratic challenger Warren Stewart as the victor.

Tom Bliley, a supporter and protector of the tobacco mafia, which has killed millions and jeopardized the health of millions more, has groomed Mr. Cantor for his position. Mr. Cantor will continue Bliley's policy of this never-ending holocaust. He will work to export this poison to Third World countries and escalate tobacco-related expenditures for the Medicare and Medicaid programs in our own country.

Eric Cantor's support and alliance with the anti-abortion terrorists, murderers and assassins will continue to place women in danger as they try to access safe and legal abortions, as well as the recently FDA-approved RU-486.

Finally, he is so proud of his association and support of certified bigot Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition that his Web site gleefully announces nearly total compliance with their proposals to establish a Christian theocracy in Virginia.

We don't have to accept a recycled political hack who is out to destroy our freedoms. Fortunately, this year we have a choice. If only the media would get the message out.

Mark W. Forster

Response to "From the Top"
Style Weekly's article cover story, Sept. 26 on conductor Mark Russell Smith was an interesting one, particularly as it pointed at the success for which our Richmond Symphony has been regularly recognized in contemporary classical music, exemplified by eight ASCAP awards.

It would be fitting to also recognize that the RSO's efforts in this respect have been largely through the often underappreciated and underattended Double Exposure series at VCU and UR. This series has proven the best music bargain in Central Virginia. It is marked by creative programming, often involving living composers (sometimes present in the house) as well as stimulating lesser-known older pieces.

The Double Exposure series should thrive; it will not if Conductor Smith and his management do not emphasize it, nor if the music does not underline such merit where it exists.

C.B. Arrington Jr.

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