Reinventing Broad Street 

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A growing university, real estate development and high speed buses are changing the face of downtown.
OF 15
East Broad Street
Richard Waller Jr, of Waller and Co, 19 E. Broad Street.
Scott Elmquist
Quirk Hotel, 201 West Broad Street.
Round Two co-owner Luke Fracher at 202 W. Broad.
Quirk Hotel, 201 West Broad Street.
100 block of East Broad Street
Construction workers, done for the day.
Willy Ridley of Petersburg waits for the bus on East Broad Street.
East Broad Street.
Aspiring photographer Kiabree Quarles on Broad Street.
Broad Street fixture Billy Allison.
Rainbow, a longtime anchor of East Broad Street.
313 East Broad Street, the former Gallery and Tasting location.
100 Block of East Broad.
The stretch of East Broad Street that is home to Barky's Spirituals and Harvey's Progressive Barber Shop.
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East Broad Street.

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