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He made a whopping $28 million in his 11-year career with the Buffalo Bills, but in March when Style Weekly learned that former quarterback Jim Kelly was building a 14,000-square-feet home outside Richmond, crushed Bills fans told him just what he could do with that fortune.

A rant in the July 1 issue of Buffalo Beat charges that Kelly kept mum with local media and fans about the Richmond move — news that locals say should have been spread through the hometown huddle rather than being intercepted by "a Richmond mag known as the 'Style Weekly ...'"

Scooped on their own turf, the Buffalo media now are spiraling complaints like pigskins that Kelly kept quiet to protect his image as Buffalo's ever-golden boy. That image helps snag viewers of his weekly TV show that airs during football season, boosts enrollment at his annual football camp and has, so far, minimized backlash from a failed restaurant venture that reportedly cost local merchants big bucks.

The article rants: Why has this info been kept secret? Could it be that Kelly was trying to get another year of his weekly football season TV show out of us before passing the word that he is leaving town? Or did he think that the turnout at his highly profitable annual football camp would be better if the pretense is that he is still a WNYer was carried on another year?

Writer Glenn Gramigna, who, as far as we know, does not also write scripts for "The X-Files," goes on to weave even more sinister conspiracy theories: "And what about the local media corps? Were all of them really completely ignorant about the move, or were some of them protecting the Big Guy for who knows what reasons of their own?"

Don't worry, Glenn. The truth is out there. You've just got to look for it below the Mason-Dixon

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