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Randy Perkins Project

Perkins returns to Richmond Tuesday, March 19, for a CD-release party celebrating his latest recording, the warm and acoustic-based "Mudhouse Serenade."

While no stranger to bad breaks, Perkins works at his life's love with a positive energy. He got off to a fast start within months of moving to Guitar Town when his tunes and strong vocals caught the ear of Bruce Springsteen's bass player, Gary Tallent. Tallent and others were starting a label and they signed Perkins to a multiproject deal. Tallent put Perkins with a band and named the group "Dignus," Latin for "worthy of respect." As frontman, Randy adopted the moniker "Diggy," and he now performs under that name.

Dignus hit the road in 1996 with a new recording and high hopes. But the salad days stopped abruptly when the label folded and Perkins was cut loose.

"Up against the industry … it's a bit daunting and frustrating. [But] it makes you a fighter and a better player."

Perkins — Diggy — now performs regularly in Nashville both solo and with a band. In February, BMI picked Perkins to play its songwriter showcase at the national Folk Alliance. Now, back on the road, Perkins sounds content with his career path.

"I value my time … friends and family. I want to enjoy my life," he says. "I really enjoy having the independent thing. The goal is to make a living. Everything else is gravy." — A.

A.Randy Perkins plays Poe's Pub Tuesday, March 19. Show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $3. Call 648-2120 for information.

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