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"Rally for America" May Come Here

At press time, San Antonio and Cleveland were the only cities listed by Beck's Web site as ones scheduled to host "Rally for America" in early March. Richmond may be added soon, at least in some respect, says WRVA Program Director Randall Bloomquist.

The station has received dozens of calls and e-mails from listeners who support Beck's stance and want to show their support for the rally here, Bloomquist says.

It could incite some controversy. In the recent wake of worldwide peace marches with millions demonstrating, anti-war organizations have tried to block Beck's push for "Rally for America" in Cleveland.

Details are sparse about what a staging could mean in Richmond, Bloomquist says. But WRVA hopes to plan something in early- to mid-March that may or may not include a visit from Beck.

"We're trying to put something together," Bloomquist says, "maybe an event held on a weekday afternoon so people could come by on their way home from work and bring their kids by around dinnertime."

Beck's program last Friday included a recitation of the nominally liberal and anti-capitalist groups named in a Wall Street Journal article that sponsor anti-war protests. Beck took the groups to task for being un-American, ill-informed and unaware of "who they are in bed with."

— Brandon Walters

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