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Radio Being: WRIR Founder Readies New Station



Richmond radio listeners soon will have a new station dedicated solely to helping them get through the day.

Christopher Maxwell, who founded WRIR-FM 97.3 in 2005, says his new Synergy Radio Project could begin operating on 93.9-FM from Midlothian within a few weeks. The programming will be dubbed the Work — instrumental or non-English music during the day mixed with words of wisdom every 15 minutes.

"It gives a dance beat to everything you're doing to be you," Maxwell says of the format. "Whatever you need to do to be the person you want to be."

At night, the station will share epiphanies gathered from listeners throughout the day in addition to other programming.

Maxwell says the signal may be strong enough to pick up in downtown Richmond with a good receiver. But the goal is to connect the suburbs, he says, whose residents too often are alienated from each other.

"[People] can be stuck in their homes," Maxwell says, "and the radio can provide ... a connection where neighbors meet neighbors."

The station has raised about one-third of the $12,000 goal for operating costs. He says a Facebook page with more information about the station will be up soon.

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