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Rachel Flynn Boosts Civic Confidence

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As someone who has spent the last 16 years representing the real estate industry, I have had my fair share of dealings with planning departments, planning commissions, boards of supervisors and city council members. It is the nature of their jobs, oft times, to say “no” or to say “yes but.” Such responses seldom sit well with everyone. And I have yet to meet a director of planning or community development who does not have his or her detractors (“Flynn's Last Stand,” News & Features, May 6). In fact, if everyone is happy with the planning director, the odds are he or she isn't doing the job. So the fact that not everyone is enamored with Rachel Flynn is hardly news; rather, it's par for the course, given her chosen profession.

Rachel Flynn is a person of great intellect, integrity and passion; and as such, she engenders passionate responses both pro and con. But is that not a good thing? For the past three years, Flynn has asked all of us as a community not only to envision a bold, vibrant future for our beloved city but also to have sufficient faith in ourselves to take the steps necessary — development of a master plan, allocation of resources — to realize that future. Today, more Richmonders than ever before believe that their city has world-class potential and that we can actually achieve that potential. In short, we believe in ourselves and our fellows. That Rachel Flynn has contributed mightily to this growing civic self-confidence, no reasonable person can dispute. For this she deserves our thanks, our praise and our support. 
Laura Dillard Lafayette
Chief Executive Officer
Richmond Association of Realtors


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