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QUIZ: Where Should You Spend New Year's Eve in Richmond?


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No one wants to party hop on New Year’s Eve. Uber surge pricing and multiple entry fees are for the 1 percent. But if you choose the wrong party, it bodes poorly for the entirety of 2016. With that in mind, here is a helpful Holiday Almanac survey to help you decide which event to attend.

What is your libation of choice?
A. Craft cocktails by mixologists.
B. Champagne all the way.
C. Anything with alcohol.
D. Punch, spiked.
E. Whiskey, cheap beer.
F. Whatever is in my fridge.

What type of music do you like to dance to?
A. Trippy, hypnotic EDM, electro swing, a little bit of everything.
B. DJ Quest’s palatable blend of pop, oldies, and hip-hop club music.
C. Local DJs spinning top 40, house, trap, and hip-hop.
D. Yacht rock.
E. Bluegrass and Southern rock.
F. I don’t dance.

What is your favorite Richmond cultural institution?
A. Gallery5.
B. The Valentine.
C. Melissa and Jack of 103.7 Play.
D. The fabled RVA Yacht Club.
E. The Camel and other small music venues.
F. WCVE radio.

What is your preferred drinking establishment?
A. It’s a secret.
B. Lemaire.
C. F.W. Sullivan’s.
D. Lunch and Supper.
E. Wherever there is still a $5 shot and beer special.
F. My couch.

What street festival do you never miss?
A. The Pyro Circus Street Show, assuming I can’t make it to Burning Man.
B. Second Street Festival.
C. Shamrock the Block.
D. Massey on the River.
E. Hardywood’s Bluegrass Festival.
F. The one closest to my house.

What is your preferred New Year’s Eve dress code?
A. The amazing costume idea I came up with the day after Halloween.
B. Black tie, 1920s or ancient Egyptian costumery — I want a party where all of those are acceptable.
C. Something sexy but with comfortable shoes.
D. My old prom outfit, extra chest hair.
E. Sequins and boots.
D. Jeans or sweat pants.

Do you like people?
A. Only interesting ones.
B. Only well-dressed ones.
C. Yes, all the people. I love people and being surrounded by them.
D. Only if they don’t take themselves too seriously.
E. Yee-haw!
F. Only the ones I already know.

Which charity most appeals to you?
A. Art on Wheels.
B. United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.
C. Reggie & Pamela Williams Foundation and M.A.Y.A Foundation (youth programming and mentoring).
D. Massey Cancer Center.
E. My friend’s band’s Indiegogo.
F. My friend’s Kickstarter.

Do you want to watch a giant, illuminated ball drop or rise?
A. I prefer something with fire.
B. I’m just in it for the champagne toast.
C. Only if it’s an enormous LED tower in the middle of a basketball court.
D. Only if that ball is an anchor.
E. I’ll take balloons, confetti and music instead.
F. I’ll watch it drop on TV, thanks.


Mostly A’s:
“Decemberween” (Halloween in December) at Diversity Thrift is for you. The Party Liberation Front is taking over the 10,000-square-foot space with a hookah lounge, tarot readers, live dance performances, video projection art, an outdoor fire show and a pyro sculpture garden.

“This event will have a lot of visual stimulation and creativity for people to enjoy,” says organizer Parker Galore, who last year was part of the Brown’s Island event. “With this venue, we get to do all the things we want to do.” (Tickets $20-$30)

Mostly B’s:
You should attend Le’Masque at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, whose theme this year is Return of the Pharaohs. This red-carpet, black-tie optional, 1920s and Egyptian themed costume party will have casino gaming and a masquerade treasure hunt.

Organizer Marcellus Jones calls it “the gala of the year,” full of “intrigue and mischief” and historical elements. Masks are strongly encouraged for the midnight reveal. (Tickets $60-$250)

Mostly C’s:
Get thee to the Siegel Center for what will likely be the biggest New Year’s party in Richmond. The organizers of last year’s Brown’s Island blowout have moved the party indoors, so that no one freezes. The space can hold 6,000 people.

The center also accommodate their “massive light tower concept [without the] risk of a snow storm ruining everything,” organizer Jimmy Budd notes. (Tickets $20-$30)

Mostly D’s:
You obviously need to attend the Yacht Rock Prom at the Broadberry. Three Sheets to the Wind will sail you into 2016, and a prom king and queen will be crowned at midnight. (Tickets $35-$75)

Mostly E’s:
Stomp and sweat your way into the New Year with the Jackass Flats at the Camel. (Tickets $25-$30)

Mostly F’s:
Why did you take this survey? You know you’re going to stay at home. Or maybe go to a house party with a few friends. Fall asleep before midnight. No judgment.


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