Quirk Reception: Hillary Waters Fayle, "Above Earth, Below Sky"

When: Thu., July 11, 5-8 p.m. 2019

Join us for a special reception celebrating our current Main Gallery exhibition of new work from Hillary Waters Fayle. Hillary's show, "Above Earth, Below Sky" is on view at Quirk through August 4. "I want to salvage and revive our connection to the natural world. I study hand craft traditions, using them in collaboration with found botanical and organic material. In this way I symbolically bind nature and the human touch. In these works, I have been exploring the intersections of nature and spirituality and the abundance of ways naturally occurring shapes and patterns overlap those of sacred geometry. Three leaves brought together create a near perfect circle inscribed with a triangle- a symbol which represents unity, wholeness, and the endless life cycle surrounding the trinity of mind, body and spirit, or past, present and future, etc. The rings in a tree are echoed in the formation of mandalas and spiritual diagrams of the ancient world. In considering these visual echoes between the inner and outer landscapes, I seek to examine our connection to nature and emphasize our place in the cyclical and circular nature of all things. This work is ultimately all inspired by the fundamental, primordial cycle: the sun, and the circles we turn around it, creating all life. The leaves and the cotton and the trees from which the paper and frames have been fabricated, and the blue—most celestial of colors—would not be possible without the light of the sun. From the honeycomb, to the curve of a snail shell, to veins in a leaf, to the prints on our fingers, to the arcs of planetary movement- all of life is composed of intricate patterns. Exploring these patterns has provided me with and entry point into the interconnected fabric of the universe. In the great quest for answers I find only more questions, and in looking to the natural world for meaning, for proof, for reason, I see what I seek- or I seek what I see."