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Questioning Independents

Here's to the little guys (and gals) with the big ideas. Here's to the candidates with the courage to run on their own good name. To the wanna-be civic leaders unwilling to smother their beliefs in the hide of an ass or elephant.

Here's to the independents: men and women of conviction and values.

And they are … damn tough to get a hold of.

To provide you, the potential voter, with the need-to-knows on Richmond-area independent* candidates, we sent questionnaires to as many independent candidates as we could secure working e-mail addresses for. The following are the responses that were returned before deadline:

* Candidates for school board and sheriff in Virginia are not identified by party affiliation, and thus technically all run as independents.

Joel Bradner

Patricia Marie Carpenter

Kevin R. Damian

Eileen Davis

Marlene Kay Durfee

James M. Ellis Jr.

Daniel A. Gecker

William Kern Grogan

Kendrick Hall

Reese Haller

Luther Thomas Harris Jr.

Patricia Lancaster

George Nicholas Marchenko

Matthew Todd Martin

John L. (Jack) McHale III

H.C. Ted Mentz

John W. Montgomery, III

Andrew Bennett Morehead

Steven R. Neal

Silver Persinger

Uddin Omarh Rajah

Katherine B. Wadell

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