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Put predators behind bars; Credit for "Sweet Charity"


Put predators behind bars
I write to appeal the score of -7 in the matter of the House Committee vote (The Score, Dec. 19). For some people anything to do with guns is a no-brainer but I was there as an independent observer and your given rationale for the score was based on a statement made by one single legislator. The most telling argument from the pro-gun faction was this: How can you consider prohibiting a person from a civil right for five years for committing what is in most cases a misdemeanor? I believe that the laws dealing with stalking and abuse need to be revisited, they are weak and undependable. It is no wonder people want to be able to protect themselves from the predators in our society. It is already against the law for a felon to possess or even try to buy a gun. We should be looking at why the predator isn't a felon or behind bars. Tracy Hundley Credit for "Sweet Charity"
I am writing to you to point out a miscrediting in a recent article. D.L. Hintz credits the musical direction of Barksdale's "Sweet Charity" to Ruth Winters (Critic's Choice, Theater, Dec. 26). Winters was in fact a last-minute replacement, joining the show less than two weeks from opening night. The vast majority of the musical direction for the show was done by myself, Brian Lucas. I don't argue the fact that Ruth Winters did fantastic work in playing the show, it's a difficult score. However, the main work of a musical director, (preparing the cast vocally, shaping the music of the show, etc), was in my hands and under my direction. Brian D. Lucas

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