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Veteran Richmond bassist Greta Brinkman starts a new business.



Most musicians never say goodbye to their day jobs. For Greta Brinkman, one of Richmond's earliest and best-known punk rock bassists, that job was carpentry.

"As a musician you're creating something in the moment — everything is immediate and then it's over," she says. "When you build something, you really hope it's going to last a lifetime."

While she no longer works as a carpenter — her boss retired when the economy soured, she says — Brinkman has continued her habit of salvaging old wood from project sites, and wherever else she can find it. And she's using it to build some beautiful homemade frames of all sizes.

"I just hated to throw away the really old stuff like heart pine," she says. "It really has the most beautiful grain and wonderful luster — and it smells fantastic."

Brinkman says she'll work on commission and that for now, postcard-sized frames run around $25, and an album-sized frame is $50. You can find her Etsy page at or email her at

Brinkman plays bass for metal band Druglord, but she's had a long and colorful career playing for such big-name and wide-ranging artists as Debbie Harry, L7, Moby and Jayne County. Druglord has a new vinyl EP, "Enter Venus," coming out in a month and it plays Strange Matter on Dec. 17 with Torche.

Aside from the music, Brinkman hopes her frame business can one day become more of a full-time gig. "I really enjoy building things," she says. "Making something beautiful and durable out of something that would be thrown away."

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