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Psychiatrist Accused of Giving Unwanted Breast Exams


The Virginia Board of Medicine has yanked a Willow Lawn psychiatrist’s license to practice following an investigation into allegations that he tried to grope two patients and give them cash.

Dr. Anandababu Chellappan, while practicing at Commonwealth Physicians on Cutshaw Avenue in Henrico County, “engaged during the course of the practitioner-patient relationship in conduct of a sexual nature that a reasonable patient would consider lewd and offensive,” according to an investigation by the Virginia Board of Medicine.

It suspended Chellappan’s license at the end of January pending a full hearing. The board alleges that during a December 2012 office visit with a longtime patient, Chellappan “became sexually aroused, gave [the patient] $30, and while hugging her at the end of her appointment reached inside her shirt and bra and fondled her breasts.” The patient told investigators that on two prior occasions Chellappan asked if he could touch her breasts. On both occasions she declined, the patient told investigators.

A second patient that Chellappan had treated since 2008 told investigators that the psychiatrist once lifted her shirt and bra, squeezed her breasts “so hard that it left red marks,” then told her that “everything seems fine.” The report notes the patient “was not seeing Dr. Chellappan for treatment of her breasts nor had she asked him to evaluate her breasts.” The same patient told investigators that in another instance Chellappan put $75 on the table, closed the blinds, unzipped his pants and proceeded with a lewd act.

Chellappan’s lawyer, Adam C. Calinger, declines to comment on the case. Chellappan, of Midlothian, also faces two counts of sexual battery in Henrico General District Court connected to the alleged assaults.