Pseudo: Blood of Our Own

Rated NR 2012

When Sleaze offers them a job that promises big money, Cheema and his crew are quick to accept. However what they don't know is that the job means stealing from the local drug-lord Dirty Harry. A lack of planning on Sleaze's part causes a shoot-out that leaves Johnny wounded and the entire crew losing their sense of security and trust. As Cheema struggles to keep his crew intact, Dirty Harry is furious and wants to recover his money and drugs, and eliminate whoever is responsible. The power of money becomes obvious and the loyalty and trust among friends is put to test.

Film Credits

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Director: Gursimran Dhillon

Writer: Gursimran Dhillon, Gursimran Dhillon and Colin Drake

Producer: Harsimran Dhillon

Cast: Manwinder Gill, Naresh K, Tayshawn Prinse, Paul Grewal, Thi Vo, Zarif Alibhai, Raji Samra, Allan Puziankowski, Aadila Dosani and Kris Labelle

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