Protests on Monument Ave 

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Images from Monument Ave. Photos by Scott Elmquist
OF 25
Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax.
Robert W. Lee IV, a descendant of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, spoke in favor of the statue coming down.
Hamed Barbarji plays We Shall Overcome on his trumpet as the sun sets over the Robert E. Lee Monument.
Protest at the Jefferson Davis Monument on June 3.
Protest at the Jefferson Davis Monument on June 3.
Sedgric Hopkins, 11, celebrates his fifth grade graduation from C.C. Wells Elementary School with a visit to the Robert E. Lee Monument.
Samuel Houston, 10.
Devin and Mah'ki rode their BMX bikes around the base of the monument.
Ayanna Sumlin and Alexis Guerra hold signs at an evening protest. Guerra, an artist, designed the signs.
VCU students marching around Lee Circle.
Jefferson Davis Monument.
A projection of George Floyd on the Lee Monument.
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