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Preservation Group Honors Longtime Style Contributor

Slipek's incisive observations have culminated in rebukes for everything from the Greater Richmond Convention Center to proposals for a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom.

In one of his earliest columns Slipek railed against the Riverfront Towers, calling the monoliths a comical pair of "Tweedle Dum" and "Tweedle Dee," and an example of how downtown Richmond was being sculpted, architecturally, by a suburban hand.

Slipek praises what works, too. Take the previous additions to the Virginia Historical Society and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, along with new construction evidenced by the Children's Museum of Richmond and the pedestrian-friendly Canal Walk. Ask what landmark he'd like most to see saved from the wrecking ball and he answers, no contest: West Hospital on Broad Street.

A native Richmonder, Slipek dwells among his subjects. He's called Church Hill, a Broad Street loft and a Springhill bungalow home. As he routinely does during newsroom meetings, Slipek identifies what makes Richmond stand out, for better or for worse. Always, he reminds: "It insults the past to try to copy the past."

In addition to Slipek, A.C.O.R.N. is honoring the following recipients:

  • Ed Eck, Andrew Asch Historic Developer Award.

  • Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Marguerite Crumley Preservation Award.

  • Roy E. Burgess II, Neighborhood Conservator Award.

  • Keith Van Allen, Preservation Advocacy Award.

    The Seventh Annual Golden Hammer Awards take place Sept. 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Bankuet Place, 1129 Hull Street. Tickets and reservations required. Call 422-2148 for details.
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