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Answers to some of your wedding questions


reception have guests write short notes on it with a decorative pen. Or have each guest or family create a custom page for your guestbook. In advance, ask them to fill their page with photos, advice or memories. When they arrive, instead of signing the book, they simply add their special page. Best to supply the page or let them know the dimensions of the book.

Q. I've just gotten engaged. When and how should we register for gifts?

A. It's a great idea to register as soon as you become engaged. Many friends and family are going to want to purchase a gift - or gifts - for you during this special time. Registering early means they will have this information for everything from your engagement party and wedding shower to the big day itself.

Start out by thinking about what you and your future spouse truly want and need. Registry rules have relaxed over the years so if you think registering for camping cookware instead of crystal is more your style - do it! Together, make a list of things you might like.

Next, remember that the registry is done to be convenient for your guests. Choose between 2-4 stores and items in a range of prices. Let someone know, such as your maid of honor, the places where you've registered so she can spread the word. Be sure to refresh your registry as items are purchased so that each new gift-giver has plenty of choices.

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