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Power-List Readers Love Public TV, AM Radio


We find it difficult to believe that Curtis Monk, president of Commonwealth Broadcasting, is not ranked way above quite a few of those 75 people in your Power List (Cover Story, July 29). Under his leadership the stations have had a very significant impact on Central Virginia. A visit to the Web site would educate you about the myriad community projects and support the organization under his leadership has provided. Perhaps the fact that he is such a self-effacing person who never seeks the spotlight keeps him out of the limelight. But he certainly deserves recognition and we hope you will keep that in mind when next you examine genuine accomplishments of the area's leaders.
Edson Pederson and
Sharon Larkins-Pederson

I agree with many of the people you listed; I'd never heard of many of the people you listed; and you had one major omission. How could you possibly leave off Jimmy Barrett, host of the morning show for the major news-talk radio station [WRVA-AM 1140] here in Richmond? He's the voice of Richmond. He even had one of your guys on the show! I've lived in 11 cities in eight states and have never enjoyed a morning radio show more than his. By the way, I've never met or spoken with Mr. Barrett.
Bob Abell

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