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Pop sound: groove jazz

Homemade Bread

They got the funk: The band’s groove-jazz has an emphasis on improvisation, but a slightly more precise version, according to McAloon. “It’s certainly jam-funk-oriented,” he says. “We shy away from the jam-band label because we’re a little more structured than that.”

Signature lyrics: “It’s a psychic connection, nonverbal communicating what you want to hear / A rythmic infraction, a melodic twist of what I’m trying to say.” — “Psychic Connection”

Say what?: Bass player Laroche and trumpetor Campanella take turns singing. When the band’s songs have lyrics, McAloon says, they tend to be “Eastern-tinged in thinking and sort of ambiguous in meaning.”

What’s the scene: Since the loss of a previous sax player and the gain of VCU-tied Gaye, the band has dropped its preppy UR crowd. “I feel like we’re almost starting from scratch again,” McAloon says. “With the other guy we were sort of strictly a University of Richmond crowd, and I feel like there’s a stigma around town against UR.” Since playing the Fredericksburg Freakfest with Keller Williams and the Hackensaw Boys, the Bread is building a new fan base.

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Up next: The band’s first album, “Homemade Bread,” will be out in early June.

Hear it: Homemade Bread plays Meadow Park between Meadow Street and Park Avenue on June 8 at 6 p.m. and Cary Street Café on June 12 at 10 p.m.

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