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Poll: Millennials Seen as Happy, But Turned Off by Politics

Virginia survey sheds light on values of 2,000 people.



Millennials, 82 million strong across the county, don’t like politics much, enjoy urban advantages such as walkability and nearby restaurants, and are more likely to head for Northern Virginia instead of Richmond.

Those are the conclusions of a survey of 2,000 people ages 18 to 36 who were interviewed by the Judy Ford Wason Center at Christopher Newport University last summer. The results were released July 31.

A few more takeaways from the survey:

1. Most (40 percent) identify themselves as political independents, followed by Democrats (37 percent) and Republicans (24 percent).

2. While 60 percent turned out for Barack Obama in 2012, how they vote is a regional matter. Millennials in Northern Virginia tend to go Democratic while those in Richmond and Southwest and Southside Virginia favor Republicans.

3. Part of their general turn-off to politics may date back to the Bill Clinton years, when politics was seen as dirty and people behaved badly.

4. Millennials want accountability but tend not to get involved personally with politics.

5. The survey found that 73 percent are optimistic about their future.

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