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Politics' Past

Those partying with Jones include yesterday's headliners.



The guest list is filling out at Delegate Dwight Jones' party at Paradise Lounge downtown. And many of the people showing up are blasts from the past.

There's Rudy McCollum, mayor before the position became elected at-large. Then he lost to Mayor L. Douglas Wilder. He can trade stories with former City Manager Calvin Jamison and former commonwealth's attorney David Hicks, who sports a black leather jacket. And that's not to mention state Delegate Joe Morrissey.

City Councilman Bruce Tyler, uncontested in District 1, has also shown up, along with Councilwomen Delores McQuinn and Ellen Robertson -- perhaps hoping to get off on a good foot with a new mayor. A couple of City Council appointees are here too: Jim Hester, the city assessor, and Umesh Dalal, city auditor.

Others aligning with Jones include McQuinn's son, J.J. Minor, vice president of the City Democrats, Henrico County School Board member Lamont Bagby and Tom Shields, of the University of Richmond's Jepson School of Leadership Studies. There's also Brian Jackson, immediate past chairman of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and Ken Johnson, previous RRHA chairman.

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