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Political stylist returns to Richmond

Nothing Beats a Good Conservative Cut?


Haircuts are like political careers: They frequently need reshaping. And if that's true, there's one woman in town who is the Lee Atwater (or James Carville?) of hair: Cathie Lujan, who recently returned to her downtown niche at the John Marshall Barber Shop. Lujan was so celebrated among General Assembly types that her departure for Arizona four years ago got a mention in the column of Richmond Times-Dispatch state reporter Jeff Schapiro. One of Lujan's most loyal customers is the former head head himself, Gov. George Allen. During Allen's term as governor, Lujan frequently lowered Allen's ears with what she calls a "traditional businessman's haircut." And when Allen's schedule became too hectic for visits to the shop, Lujan offered to snip and block at the Governor's Mansion. "We've cracked jokes," Lujan says, laughing. "He's just a down-to-earth person." And being laid-back is something she says she sees in Republicans and Democrats alike. "Being right there by the Capitol, we get a lot of guys from the General Assembly," explains Lujan, who says there's really no telling a GOP member from a Democrat. (Really? No slightly tousled Democratic look? No straight-as-a-rod Republican part?) Lujan says in the barber chair, party lines disappear like shavings swept away at the neck. It's all about the cut, says Lujan, which, in Richmond, is always conservative — there's nothing partisan about it. If her years at the downtown barber shop have taught her anything, it's that her clients all want the same thing: a classic $13 cut in 30 minutes or less. If only the General Assembly could do as

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