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Political Lines Blur, Time to Rethink Values


Mr. Salzman: Shame on you for not recognizing that our moral foundation has been permanently eroded by our elected officials (“Shame on Us,” Back Page, March 25). The ones you and I voted into office to represent us in our government. To handle our collective wants and needs. To look out for our best interests.

Starting with the Great Society, we received welfare, which destroyed a multitude of urban families. No longer was it sacrosanct to hold together and develop a family. Now it was OK to generate numerous children by numerous fathers because that would increase the government giveaway.

Our public schools were next in line. The government has effectively wiped out any semblance of moral training, guidance or understanding. You cannot fire incompetent or unproductive teachers and they have grown a bureaucracy so large that it is totally inefficient. Then throw tons of money at the problems, dumb down the standards and praise the system for its supposed achievements with watered-down test scores and what do you get? Students out in the real world that can hardly handle eighth-grade mathematics. They speak in video slang and care more about fitting in with their peers that being an individual who recognizes that ultimately one must work and toil and develop a sense of self-respect to get ahead.

This, Mr. Salzman, is where our shame has been lost.

As for your solutions to our Wall Street problems, it's time for everyone to stop falling lock step into formation with what our politicians and media feed us and look past that propaganda.

The line between the Republicans and the Democrats is so blurred now that you could vote for either side and you would end up back at square one. It's time for you and I to re-establish just what our morals and values are, not what the government and media think they should be. Once we begin to do that, then we need to vote the scalawags out of office and hope and pray that candidates with moral backbones and values can be found to help re-establish our government for “We the People.”
Ron Stitzer

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