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Poke at Creativity Ignores Charity Effort


As a member of the board of directors Richmond Unite, I am disappointed that Style Weekly would misrepresent the enthusiastic philanthropic efforts of people in the Richmond area by tying our events together with the unrelated curfew and sour grapes of a local ad agency with the City of Richmond creative-branding bid.

It is sophomoric to link a quote from Sir Richard Branson, a guest in our city and of our nonprofit, to other decisions in Richmond that were happening at the same time. Most of all, Style failed to acknowledge and uplift all of the goodwill that came from the Richmond Unite event — not the least of which is that hundreds of children in the Richmond area will receive important, future-building services as a result of the $107,000 that the area raised with enthusiasm and community spirit. Creativity abounds in Richmond and the onus is upon all of us to cultivate it and protect it when we see it.

Phil Conein, President


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