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Local fashion bloggers offer a running commentary on the Richmond scene.


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My blog, In My Fashion, was born out of the realization that fashion is occurring all around us, whether we reside in Paris, New York or Richmond. Local fashion bloggers are motivated to offer their perspectives by a desire to inspire sartorial creativity through rustling silks, beautiful colors and compelling design. Although Richmond may not be a fashion capital, its bloggers stake the claim that the fashion and style of the city most certainly contributes to the fashion community at large. Here are a few who are watching closely:

Chic Stripes

Blogger: Sydney Page Lester

What you’ll find: A simple yet sleek compilation of personal journeys in the various parts of Richmond that detail her findings as a wardrobe stylist who champions consignment shops and secondhand buying.

How she got started: “Fashion blogging is directly related to my personal styling business. … Blogging is a bigger aspect of showing who I am, and what I do, and is a living portfolio for myself — not only for clients, but for potential clients. They can see what I am doing and what I am interested in.”

Why she does it: “Blogging was what launched [my business] and served as a catalyst to connect with different people in the industry. … Blogging is a way to make things happen and put things out there in your own creative way and is a platform. You may not be able to find a job the traditional way anymore and if you have a blog that may be a huge jumping point and people will come to you because of that.”


Petite Modern

Blogger: Jordan Taylor Nolan

What you’ll find: A home décor and style blog that has a fresh, modern and colorful aesthetic that brightens your spirit. “Simple, petite, modern,” is her motto. With her blog’s eye-popping images, there’s a plethora of cute ideas on how to mix colors when it comes to both décor and personal image, especially in regards to beauty and makeup.

How she got started: “I am an interior designer by day … and when I was in college I was constantly blogging about what I was designing for my own projects. Now that I am out of school, I am not blogging so much about my designs since they are copyrighted. But it’s an additional creative outlet … that allows me to wear my design sense to create a look that is put together structured and kind of defines my personal aesthetic.”

Why she does it: “I want something where I feel I am making a difference in my community … to help others feel confident in how they dress for their style, is the goal at the end of the day.”


Shayla Courtney

Blogger: Shayla Courtney

What you’ll find: This enterprising stylist recently quit a full-time, high-paying job to go into business as a personal stylist. Her Pass or Play series is what brought the most attention, with her critiquing the looks worn at celebrity awards shows. It gives her the opportunity to build her brand and gain consumer confidence.

How she got started: “I started my blog because I was in corporate America, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to break out yet. While I was writing my exit plan, I started blogging, and I started growing a following. … Blogging became a way for me to promote my knowledge and awareness on the subject that so many people have questions about.”

Why she does it: “I love working for myself. There’s nothing to compare to it! Even though I don’t have a consistent paycheck because I am an entrepreneur, it’s so nice to be my own boss. I want to get my doctorate, and my goal is to teach fashion as it relates to behavioral and emotional effects on human beings.”



Blogger: Stacey Barclay

What you’ll find: Visit BarclayINC for reviews on creative local events that happen in Richmond. She takes a fear-of-missing-out approach to attending the events, and enjoys reporting on the local talent being showcased. She’s also a converted pescetarian who shares various recipes and eating hangouts for likeminded dieters.

How she got started: “One of my best friends is a hairstylist and photographer, and I was always hanging around him, and that’s how I sort of got pulled into it.”

Why she does it: “In addition to my overall obsession with fashion, the response I get from my readers whether it’s leaving me a comment or the amount of hits I get from a post, just seeing that feedback really motivates me to keep blogging. When you really love doing something, you’ll find time to do it, and it’s not an issue.”


RVA Fashion Girl / The RVAFB Group

Blogger: Larissa Wisniewski 

What you’ll find: On her personal BlogSpot, Larissa exudes an edgy, Angelica Huston-like style, with an interesting take on the darker side of dressing while bringing a modern, classic appeal to the table. Her Wordpress group has attracted many local bloggers, and she features fashion events in the city as well as the work of the bloggers who join. It allows other fashion bloggers to become more familiar with each other.

How she got started: “When I started blogging, I went to a blogger conference and I saw that there were a lot of other groups out there for small cities or regions in the country. I thought that was really cool, and I think Richmond has a really unique thing about it in terms of community engagement, especially in fashion. I started a blogger group where people could connect and talk to each other to and create a bit of a network where we could help one another.”

Why she does it: “I really enjoy the community we have in Richmond. I always toyed with the idea of leaving and being like everyone else who would go to New York or L.A., but there is something really unique about Richmond and the community. We can all work together and make things happen, and there’s things constantly happening with stores opening and designers popping up. My goal is to continue with this fashion bloggers group and help people to connect, and move forward with their fashion careers.”


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