PICK: DJ Williams and friends at Tang and Biscuit, Saturday, Feb. 25

Renowned guitarist living in Colorado returns to his former hometown.


Guitarist DJ Williams was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Colorado, but he will always be a Richmond guitarist.

His eponymous rock and soul Projekt had one of the longest continuous gigs in semi-recent history, playing every Tuesday night at Café Diem. He got his big break in when he was swept up into saxophonist Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, opening the door to global tours and much higher visibility.

Williams left town in 2015, formed a successful West Coast version of the Projekt with the somewhat distractingly un-PC name Shots Fired. During the height of the COVID pandemic, he began recording a series of smaller scale, personal projects. A mountain retreat last winter resulted in the music for his forthcoming, summer 2023 album “Soldier of Love [Perception Records].”

His returns to RVA, while not rare, are always high energy events, combining guitar wizardry with down-to-earth charisma and a crowd rich in fans and friends. Tang and Biscuit, for all its floorspace, is one of the more intimate, larger venues in town.

In a recent Facebook post, Williams wrote: “I’m actually feeling like I’m just NOW finding my voice and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

This Saturday night will be an ideal opportunity.

DJ Williams and friends play Tang and Biscuit at 3406 W. Moore St. on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 9 p.m. to midnight. Admission is free.