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Peter Prince's charismatic performances take the audience on a musical ride that's like barreling through a mountain pass in a locomotive on springs.

Out There


Comic book come to life, Moon Boot Lover was created in the mind of Peter Prince. The singer/songwriter/guitarist has been called "Blue Man Group with a guitar," His musical mix of soulful Al Green vocals and intense electric funk is highlighted by his over-the-top stage antics. Although the group has undergone several lineup changes, Prince has continued to forge ahead through 10 years, four albums and hundreds of shows. Style caught up with him while he was on a tour stop in Brunswick, Maine.

Style: You are somewhat infamous for your onstage antics during concerts. Do these come to you in the heat of the moment, or do you plan it? Do you have any pre-show backstage rituals to get you fired up for a show?

Prince: Most of the stuff is improvised, but spending a lot of time on the road, ideas are discussed and sometimes orchestrated right in the van (the Time Machine).

No real consistent pre show rituals, gargling chocolate milk, the tapping head-rubbing belly exercise, tongue-to-nose stretching and occasionally the use of herbs, spices and libations.

What is the inspiration for the whole Space theme behind Moon Boot Lover?

Strapping on your Moon Boots and walking on the moon, taking the music out to other unexplored hemispheres.

Who would you say are your biggest influences musically and theatrically, and what do you take from them? What about influences for Moon Boot Lover as a whole?

Soul, sole, dance, stories, r&b pioneers, blues, jazz cats … the improvisation, storytelling, Martha Graham, the spiritual high energy that lives in us all. Our travels in many different areas has also been a big influence, meeting and jamming with bands from all over.

Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, he inspired me when he said, "we now live in such a cynical world, we have lost our heroes." Everyone's trying to be so hard, bad, cool, but everybody plays the fool, like the song goes. That's where a lot my craziness begins.

You recently went out on tour with acoustic guitarist Tim Reynolds; what kind of experience was that, and what, if anything, will that bring to the MBL mix?

Tim is nothing short of genius, it was like a month-long guitar clinic 101. He has a great command of his effects, and I picked his brain any chance I could on the topic. So, needless to say, after the tour I went out and got some new gadgets of my own to bring even more "outer space action" to the mix.

Since the inception of MBL, there have been several changes to the lineup. Sometimes this can be a weakness in a touring act. How have you managed to keep it going?

Well it certainly has been difficult at times to keep the train running, but all the different players in MBL history have brought something new to the band which in a way has helped to inspire change and growth. I call them crew members, and the crew just gets bigger and bigger.

Somewhere down the line I decided to be the Moon Boot Lover, solo or with the band, MBL was my idea, I've written almost all the music and have done all the artwork (comic-book album covers, promotional visuals). If I don't keep it going then no one will, so steady on.

You say that the evolution of MBL in four parts is radio, television, computer, and interface. You are clearly a child of modern technology, how do you incorporate that into the living being that is Moon Boot Lover?

Instead of massive expensive mailers through the postal service, now we send out the e-mail list update, [there's also] the Web site — — which is global. The world is getting smaller and smaller, outer space will eventually become the next destination, right?

Are there any concrete plans for future albums? The live release has been popular among fans. Will the next one be live, or studio?

There are three "editions" available right now: "Outer Space Action," the first CD, "Live Down Deep, the second edition, and "Back on Earth" the latest, fourth edition. The third edition that has never been released, "Catskill Martian Dogs" will be released at the end of the year. And since the Tim Reynolds acoustic tour was such a success, I also would like to release an acoustic album … fingers crossed.

What is the one thing that you want audiences to take away from a Moon Boot Lover concert?

One or all of our albums.

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