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Personal Velocity

“Roscoe,” 25 (Style agreed to not use his real name.) Street Racer; Member, Tha Posse Car Club

Just the other night, I was actually racing a Del Sol. Man, that thing whipped my butt, too. [Afterward,] we pulled up, we stopped at the next intersection, rolled down the window, like, “Hey man, that’s a quick car.” He’s like, “Yeah, thanks.” We’re talking back and forth. And about a minute later, a po-po [police car] rolls up behind us. And I’m like, “Dude.” And he’s like, “What?” And I’m like, “It’s po-po.” He’s like, “Thanks.” So we start off from the light. I was in this vehicle [’99 Mazda Miata] and we both roll off. This car doesn’t make a bunch of noise, and his had a really loud exhaust on it — Boom! Blue lights pulled him right over.

It’s not like it’s safe in any way, shape or form. But I’m not going to do it if there’s a bunch of traffic, or a bunch of people around. I mean, I’m looking for cops. But when you start doing something like that you’re not really thinking about it. The only thing that’s on your mind is your car and the one next to you. He knows he’ll pass you, you know you’ll pass him.

There’s not a lot of real serious street racing around here.

[Tha Posse], basically, it’s a group of friends. We’ve known each other for a few years — most of us are into cars. A lot of us branch from a car club that used to be around here, but no longer is. It’s more about just having fun, doing what we want to do to the cars. And some of us, we go out and race each other on the track. And sometimes we race each other off the track.

We’ve got the Web site (, we all hang out as friends, we go to the drag strip. We used to hang out at Rack & Sack, they ran us out of there. We moved to Wal-Mart, they ran us out of there. We moved to Target, they ran us out of there. Now we’re in front of Home Depot almost every night. And it’s just cruise night. There’ll be one or two people who will show up there, cutting up the parking lot, making asses of themselves. It ticks us off. We have a problem with it. But Henrico has a bigger problem with it. They said they’ll run us off. But what’s funny is, as soon as they run everybody off, what are they gonna do? Hey man, let’s all go street race, and they’re all on Broad Street racing and speeding all over the place like idiots. If they have us in one spot, they can see what we’re doing. They can see who’s coming and going. We’re just trying to have a cruise night, you know?

I’ve got a lot of speeding tickets, but never racing. I got caught doing donuts in a parking lot one time, but that was it.

Reporter: What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone?

Speedwise? I have no idea. The speedometer stopped at 120 on my Malibu. — As told to Jason Roop

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