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Pedaling Forward


Your Cover Story ("36 Ways to Get Richmond's House in Order Before Company Comes in 2015") is right on — especially No. 1: "Create an environment that respects bicycles."

My son-in-law, who bicycles in New York and Connecticut, was riding down West Franklin Street when a car turned off Belvedere Street and began following him. The young adults in the vehicle were heckling him and suddenly veered in front of him to make a right turn. He was forced off his bike and fell to the street, injuring himself and badly damaging his bike. The car did not stop! He went back to New York, bandaged and bruised and not feeling good about Richmond cycling.

One other comment: Your 36 suggestions did not include Monroe Park and the needed improvements and restoration before the World Cycling Championships. That might be a story in itself.

Elinor Kuhn


I like a lot of these ideas, but I'm concerned about the gushing exaltation and soap-box orating that seems to be happening surrounding cycling. In order to truly become a more utilized part of our transportation infrastructure, we have to stop treating it like a kitschy, fun, dangerous novelty. You do not need a $1,000 racing bike to get to work, nor do you necessarily even need a helmet, any more than you would in a car. Drivers do not need to behave differently; they simply need to obey the laws already on the books. Cyclists must obey the same laws. Designated bike corridors, lanes, and general infrastructure would help both riders and drivers. I'd like to see cycling thought of less as an organized social event that occurs periodically throughout the fairer months of the year, and more of a natural and easy decision people make about how to get from A to B in Richmond. — posted on Styleweekly.com by Daily Rider, Aug. 29, 4:22 p.m.


I cannot wait for Richmond 2015! I'll be flying in from Cleveland, for all of the festivities. As a cycling fan, the chance to go to the World Championships is a dream come true! — posted by Julie Harden, Aug. 29, 12:24 p.m.


Ads in markets within a five-hour drive of Richmond. Get your hotels in order so reservations can be fast and efficient. Plan those race routes and publicize them with those hotels, bars and restaurants on board. I will go into a bar and watch the race on TV then get to the finish for the end. — posted by Tim Morrissey, Aug. 29, 1:23 p.m.


In addition to RideRichmond, there are other organizations that do group rides and clinics for new riders as well. The Richmond Area Bike Association has numerous rides every week (RABA.org), Virginia Commonwealth University has both a collegiate team and cycling club for active students and alumni (find them on Facebook), Carytown Bikes does clinics and rides occasionally for new riders and 3Sports leads similar rides in conjunction with the Spin Mafia club. Other local teams include Altius, Richmond Velo Sport, Cutaway/3Sports, Team Carytown Bicycle Co. and Team Whole Foods. All of these teams and clubs are on Facebook and are a great resource if you're looking to learn more or take up the sport yourself! — posted by hellatall, Aug. 29, 1:36 p.m.


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