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PBR Haiku

Odes to the beer Richmond loves.



Chicago World's Fair
The site of its ribboning
Grading on a curve?

It's red, white and blue
A choice for Americans
who are very poor.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, friend!
Good enough for a tattoo.
Yours looks just like mine!

One dollar a can!
But keep a quarter in your
sock, to call for bail.

If Pabst won the blue
I would sure hate to see who
came in second place.

Beer in a can, bitch
Don't talk to me that way, ho
Lucky it's not glass.

You can't tell some folks
(they'll slap you with vegan fists)
High Life is better.

Corporate sponsors of
hipster bike rallies and such
could ruin street cred

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Always invokes the pap smear.
Now you'll think it too.

Pabst meta-haiku:
but is it one syllable
or should it count two?

Lord, we could go on
but it's better if you do:

Yes, we want to hear your original PBR haiku. E-mail your creations, for possible publication, to letters@styleweekly.com.

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