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Pat Embrey, 57

Driver, Star Cab

When I used to drive for Yellow Cab, we had a girl whose family was really wealthy, so she didn't work, and we used to take her a lot of places out in the country, out in Goochland and all, and she had this thing about going down and swimming in the nude. She was about 30, but she was just spacey, and I think she was taking some kind of medications, 'cause every time she wanted to go somewhere, it was always places where she grew up as a kid or remembered as a kid. And then she wanted to take her clothes off and go down in the creek or jump around in the woods. And she'd put her clothes back on and get in the cab. And she was normal other than that.

A lot of people tell their stories to a cab driver. Most of them are fairly simple. Usually a man-woman type of thing. I had a lady once, this has been two years ago, that I picked up one night and took down to Hopewell, and she knew where her boyfriend was spending the night with some other woman. She got out of the car and threw a brick through the guy's truck window, got back in the cab and I took her back home. After she got in the car, we came back up the highway, and I asked her if she felt better. She said yeah.

I had Charlie Sheen in my cab a couple of years ago. I did ask him one personal question; this was back when he was in that little thing with Heidi Fleiss, or whatever, where supposedly he spent $80,000. I asked him did he get anything more for $80,000 than I get for $20, and he goes, "Nope." — As told to Scott Bass

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