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Paper Moon Fined for Simulated Sex

Dec. 6, 2006


The forecast calls for seven very dry days at the Paper Moon's city location at 3300 Norfolk St.

This apparently isolated weather pattern results from a stalled system of undercover enforcement officers from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control that descended on the gentlemen's club between February and March.

The officers' visits revealed various license violations, with officers observing, among many discoveries of the eye-opening kind, a dancer "simulate giving oral sex to [another] female dancer."

In scintillating testimony to the ABC's administrative board, investigators also reported observing a dancer "simulate sexual intercourse by thrusting herself back and forth against the male patron's crotch."

A report of the investigator's opinion given at the hearing says "the participants appeared to be in a 'festive' mood during this activity." — Chris Dovi